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Website usage

Comments 0 By Australia estepki in General on Sunday 01 September @ 09:05

wuc General News

Hey guys!

Lets get this website used a bit more!

Get everyone to sign up to it, go poke the forums a bit (maybe say Hi in the introductions section).

When we get enough people and enough activity, we can start utilizing Xippy's awesome squad and match features, along with the calendar and other organisational aspects.

Lets get this clan into gear and get things running Smile

AmgC back in action!

Comments 0 By Australia estepki in General on Wednesday 14 August @ 08:46

wuc General News

Welcome! Welcome!

The AmgC is back! Laughing
And it's gonna be even better!

We are working on populating the website and forums and getting everything running as soon as possible!

If you have any suggestions for teams that you would like to see, or anything else at all you would like to have on the site/forums, please speak to CaptainRufus or Kieran (estepki).

Also, our TeamSpeak is live: - Feel free to join!

AmgC Administration